CTS CONSULTING and CUSTOMISED TRAINING SOLUTIONS were incorporated in Kuala Lumpur with the Companies Commission of Malaysia.

We have been conducting trainings and consultancy for the private and public sectors to help people develop themselves at the personal level and how they can directly contribute to the overall objectives of the teams and the organizations they work for.Being a locally-based consulting and training company, we thoroughly understand the local culture and how people go about doing things in this country .


Visionary Leadership programme with officers from the Royal Malaysian Navy,
Pusat Kepimpinan TLDM (Navy Leadership Centre), Lumut Naval Base, Perak.

We are thus better equipped not only in terms of management competence and expertise, but also in various aspects of the diverse and unique Malaysian society. As our Principal Consultant was trained in the UK and the US, he has the capability of blending the western business thinking with the local ways. Our Associate Consultants are experts in their various subject matter and had wide experience being learning facilitators to adult audiences.

Cultures and values may vary, but our patterns of human behaviour are not that much different wherever we may be in the vast human society. It is with this understanding that we believe we can make some significant difference in human performance if we give the appropriate interventions through appropriately designed and conducted training sessions.



Problem Solving training workshop with senior executives of Toray Indonesia
(Japanese Multinational textile manufacturing company)
Sky Business Center, Jakarta, Indonesia.



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